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What should I expect from my first session?

You should allow some extra time on your first appointment for a full consultation where we can discuss any health issues you may have and what the focus of the treatment is.  Together we will agree on a treatment plan and discuss fully what will happen during the treatment.  If you have booked in for a Sports Massage or have any specific sites of pain or restricted movement then your therapist will conduct a postural assessment before the treatment begins.  If the aim is for you to relax then you can usually just lie down straight after going through the necessary form and begin to unwind.

Is deeper pressure better?

This is a question that people often ask, often clients think that if there's no pain then there's no gain.  This simply isn't true and like every person is individual, then so will every treatment be too.  Some people respond to lighter touch, rocking and gentle stretches whilst other people feel that they need deeper pressure at least on tight trigger points.  If you have not experienced treatment before and are unsure as to what suits you best then we can work that out through having a dialogue during the massage so that you feel that you have got the best out of your time on the couch.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

  • Think through what you want to get from the session and don't be embarrassed to say that you are simply there to relax, not everyone who comes has a sports injury. 

  • Try not to eat a heavy meal in the hour before, light food is fine but massage will draw blood to the muscles and away from digestion. 

  • Make sure you are fully hydrated but also visit the bathroom just before your treatment time begins, there is nothing worse than the discomfort of a full bladder when you're lying down. 

  • Make sure you have the names of any medications and conditions that you have to inform your therapist.